Bobby Risaldo Agung Putra, Erfan Rohadi, Rudy Ariyanto


A lot of workers have a hectic schedule. They have so many business negotiations and moreover the job is in out
of the city they living. Based on the bustle job, it makes the workers do not stay in the house for a long time.
Many effects may impact on the house, like thief and power management. Raspberry Pi is a mini computer which
is the main device that can be used to control electronic equipments in the house. This controlling can be
activated from anywhere, as long as the area has an internet connection, even the IP Address has the same
network or not. By using Forward Chaining method, the control does not need to be done manually. This method
can control electronic devices that are in the house automatically, using existing facts on the knowledge base.
The controlling can be done by a website which can be accessed through smartphones or personal computers.
The results of this research can be implemented at houses, schools, offices, from small scale to medium. This
system is expected to prevent anything undesirable but can saving more energy significantly.

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